Slender: The Arrival Makes its Console Debut September 23

North America has a its share of creepy folklore; the Jersey Devil, Bigfoot and Chupacabra just to name a few.  But all of those combined are not nearly as terrifying as the one they call Slender Man. Now, ladies and gentlemen, be sure to know where your children are at night.

Slender: The Arrival has been around for over a year, originally released online and later on Steam. All you have in the game is a camcorder and flashlight, tools hardly capable of fending off your darkest fears. You’ll have to rely more on your sense of hearing rather than sight, listen carefully or Slender Man will be the last thing you see.

The game is coming to the PlayStation Network for North Americans on September 23 and Europe the next day. On the same day, it becomes available around the world on the Xbox Live Arcade. Nobody is safe from the grasp of Slender Man. He arrives and will find you.