Rising Angels: Reborn Announced for Steam

IDHAS Studios should be a familiar name to visual novel fans. Even if you’re not aware of their previous work, they’re currently in the midst of Kickstarting their latest game. Rising Angels: Fates, if successful, will be the next title in the Rising Angels series.

Unfortunately, a good number of visual novel players missed out on the previous game – Rising Angels: Reborn – because it was not available on Steam. That’s about to change thanks to IDHAS’s newly-announced partnership with Sekai Project. This increasingly popular indie game publisher will bring an enhanced version of Rising Angels: Reborn to the platform.

The upgraded version has new routes, a new romance, more CGs, and of course bugfixes. In all, the updates should add hours of gameplay. Fans of yuri visual novels should keep an eye out for Rising Angels: Reborn when it launches on September 12.