The Tiny Titan Has Always Overcome Adversity

The story of Christian Kirksey is a heartwarming one. Raised in Hazelwood, Missouri, the man who became known as the Tiny Titan was a key player for his high school championship team. Later, as a member of the Iowa Hawkeyes, Kirksey was a prime player and later named team captain. He made it to the NFL as a third round draft pick for the Cleveland Browns just this year and is already catching everybody’s eye.

In a recent interview, Kirksey explains that he’s always had to overcome his short stature. At only 1ft 2 inches tall, making him is the shortest player in Madden NFL 15. Though some may say he is just a glitch, we know he is much more than that. He is an inspiration. Kirksey gives children and short stature people everywhere a role model. Keep making us proud, Tiny Titan.