AKB48 Idols Join The Fight In Latest Smash Bros. Commercial

Members of Japan’s famous AKB48 idol group make an appearance in the latest commercial for Nintendo’s highly anticipated 3DS title, Super Smash Bros.  Standing tall in their dancing uniforms, the young girls, each represented by a personalize Mii, jump off the side of a mountain range to do battle with Mario and friends. Nintendo’s choice in utilizing the group for this promotion is not too much of a surprise, as AKB48 has been an extremely successful enterprise, reaching mass appeal around Japan.  Composed of now more than 48 members, fans range from the age of 8 years old to the elderly.

This is not the first time Nintendo has been associated with the 48+ pop princesses.  The group has appeared in promotions for the Wii U over the past two years.  Additionally, in 2012, Japan saw the release of the group’s very own 3DS game, AKB48+Me.  The commercial shows off the game’s ability to let you completely customize your in-game Mii’s physical feature and use them in combat, literally allowing players to play “as anyone”, including celebrity idols and the like.

Check out the commercial below: