Microsoft Previews Xbox One’s October Update

Month-after-month, Microsoft continues to improve the Xbox One’s functionality and October is looking just as big as the last, adding a bevy of new features while improving on others. For one, the snap interface is no longer cumbersome if you don’t own a Kinect as there’s more control and the ability to close the side window without going back to the home menu. Additionally, Kinect-less players will have to option to double tap the Xbox button and then press X to record the last thirty seconds. It’s still not ideal, but definitely better than what was implemented before.

An exciting new add-on to the main hub is a Friends tab that will help communicate what your buddies have been playing, along with setting up a gamerscore leaderboard. The second biggest and most exciting feature that has been touted for the last couple of months is DLNA and MKV support. Now those who own a stable network, and potentially know which ports to open, will be able to stream content from their computer to their Xbox One, taking full advantage of September’s media player.

Be sure to watch the preview in action below, and read about all new features from Major Nelson’s blog as this was just a glimpse at everything that was announced.