Bloodborne’s TGS Demo Will Be Near Impossible To Beat

Oh, demos. It’s not unusual to be stumped when playing them. It’s not unusual to be stuck and get upset. But when we see them hanging around at conventions, we can’t help but dive right in and get our asses handed to us (or hand some asses of our own).

Broken or well-adjusted, linear or open-ended; demos aren’t always the kindest representation of a game, but they’re usually a reasonable showcase for features and direction. So what if your game, inspired by one of gaming’s most hardcore titles, includes features such as dying a lot and being terrified by an overwhelming count of enemies? There’s a strong possibility the demonstration will end in awe (and frustration, anger, dread, disgust, etc.).

And that’s exactly what Sony has in mind for Bloodborne’s showing at Tokyo Game Show. Bloodborne producer, Masaaki Yamagiwa, doubts players will even manage to complete the boss battle at the end of the demo. “Let’s prepare a prize for those that beat the boss in the demo of Bloodborne at Tokyo Game Show! Now that I selfishly said this, Kitaon will be willing to provide something for sure.”

“Kiaton,” or Yasuhiro Kitao, Sony’s marketing manager responded, “Roger! let’s prepare something for this long-awaited opportunity, but will someone who can really beat the boss appear, I wonder… Today there not a single one managed to beat the boss in the play testing session in the sales department…”

Sony’s Japanese sales team couldn’t beat the demo. Do you think you could? Boast about it in the comments below.