PS4 Sales Soar Past 1 Million In The UK

The PS4 has surpassed yet another sales milestone. In the UK, the PS4 has sold 1 million units in only 42 weeks. An impressive figure, though it doesn’t quite crush the record-holder. Nintendo Wii managed to hit 1 million units in only 38 weeks.

Speaking with MCV, UK MD Fergal Gara revealed that while a lot of PS3 owners adopted the PS4, there appears to be another reason why its selling so well. According to him, a lot of Xbox 360 owners have jumped ship to PlayStation.

“We have certainly seen PS3 consumers come across quite hard and fast. But a very significant proportion are people we have never seen on our network before. And from their behaviour and the types of games they are playing, it’s fairly clear that a big chunk of those have come across from Xbox, which is tremendous to see. And there’s a chunk that look like they’re brand new to gaming. And they’ve picked PS4 as their first serious gaming device.”

The UK has consistently been a hotly contested country for the hardware manufacturers. The PS2 hit 1 million units in 50 weeks, the Xbox 360 in 60 weeks, and the PS3 in 46 weeks. Despite the quick adoption of the PS3 in the UK, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was the best-selling console of the previous generation.