New The Crew Trailer: Never Drive Alone

With a year full of delays and mediocre or disappointing titles, 2014 has not shaped up to be a very memorable one for gaming.  One title, however, may save all that when it launches in November, and that game is The Crew.  We first saw this game, which could be described as an MMO-Racer at Ubisoft’s amazing press conference at E3 2013 alongside Watch_Dogs and The Division.  Ubi had really outdone themselves and were really looking like they understood exactly what Next Gen was going to mean for us.  Build your cars on your tablets or phones, while you’re out, come home and they’re ready to go when you are, race around the country with a ton of other people building your Fast and Furious-like crew of gearheads to join you in an epic race gaming concept.  It sounded so awesome, and it looked so awesome.

Fast-forward to today, and we know what a disappointment Watch_Dogs was, while I personally liked it, the flaws were numerous, and the rest of the year hasn’t been so hot for Ubisoft either as it has pulled other dog-and-pony tricks that continue to disappoint the masses.  Still, however, there is hope.  Hope in The Crew, because to date there has not been a single piece of disappointing news or footage of this game, and that continues today as we get to take a look at a brand new trailer titled “Never Drive Alone”:

November cannot get here fast enough, but in the meantime, at least some of us will be lucky enough to get to play in the upcoming beta, in case you didn’t catch the last few seconds of the trailer, you can go to and sign up today for a beta that is expected to start in late September.  I for one already have, and I look forward to racing around the country with the rest of you in just a few months’ time.

The Crew comes out on November 11 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.