Sega To Announce New Hatsune Miku Game At TGS

When did announcements for announcements become a thing? Anyway…

Sega has launched it’s official Tokyo Game Show website, and according to some adequately translated text, the company claims it’ll live-stream the happenings of its booth throughout the event. Additionally, a new project titled “Sega feat. Hatsune Miku” was briefly mentioned, with an announcement to come September 18, 3PM (Japan). Lead director Hiroshi Utsumi will be presenting the information.

While there isn’t much to go by, there’s certainly a possibility this will mark the series’ debut on PlayStation 4 — something of a necessary evolution when taking into account the consoles success in Japan (and the world over). Although considering the vagueness of the post, we’re just hoping it’s not a love-pillow.