Uriel’s Chasm is an Absurd New Steam Release

Every once in a while a game so entirely unique launches on Steam that it’s hard to accurately describe. Uriel’s Chasm is one of those games. Even staring at the Steam page doesn’t really help explain it. So here’s one attempt at making even a modicum of sense from all this.

Uriel’s Chasm is – or is it? – an imagined piece of religious shovelware from the 1990s. To make this all a bit more meta, the narrative states that the game was discovered for review by the “Shovelware Queens.” As with real religious games of the past, this one attempts to copycat games and genres such as Asteroids or shoot ’em ups, but with a purposeful lack of polish.

This punk, pixel trash aesthetic might be familiar to you. As it turns out, Uriel’s Chasm is by Rail Slave Games, the same developer behind //N.P.P.D RUSH// The Milk of Ultraviolet. So if you liked that shooter chances are you’ll dig Uriel’s Chasm too. You’ll be able to nab it for $4.49 during launch week.