Xbox 360 Gets Another SHMUP Compilation, Features a Few Dreamcast Favorites

At the beginning of August, we reported on a rumored compilation from publisher Klon that would bundle together various Dreamcast SHMUP darlings, such as Karous, Radirgy and Chaos Field. Well, it would appear that those rumors were indeed true as Klon announced that it will be releasing Sakura Flamingo Archives this coming November for the Xbox 360. In this package will come Karous, Radirgy, Chaos Field, Radirgy Noa and Illvelo. Talk about a star-studded lineup.

Two-player local co-op will also be added to the compilation, in addition to various new modes. As of now, the collection is priced at 5,800 yen (~$58), and can be pre-ordered from your favorite import shop. Sakura Flamingo Archives is scheduled to launch just in time for the holidays on November 27.