Meet The Three Musketeers In New Batch Of Bravely Second Screenshots

There are plenty of reasons to be excited for the upcoming 3DS RPG Bravely Second. Chief among them is it is a sequel to Bravely Default, an absolute masterpiece of an RPG that we here at Hardcore Gamer adore. As the game inches closer to its Japanese release date, Square Enix is finally starting to give us some juicy tidbits about the game, its story, and the central characters to the title.

Perhaps most importantly, we finally get some details on the group known as the Three Musketeers, not to be confused with the characters from the novel by Alexandre Dumas. Or with any sort of musketeers ever, really, because from the screenshots released so far they don’t look like they are actually carrying muskets. I mean, sure, musketeers typically carried a rapier or other sword based weapon in addition to their musket, and maybe these guys just left their muskets at home for the day.

First is Yuu, sixteen year old with a tragic past and also the leader of the Three Musketeers. He serves as the baby faced protagonist of the game. He is also probably a pretty terrible bodyguard, as he was supposed to be the bodyguard for Agnes and she spends the beginning of the game captured. Oh, Yuu.

bravely default 1
Next we have Jean Angard, who if I was a betting man would wager was a main antagonist of the game or possibly betrays you at some point. I have absolutely no evidence to support this nor any sort of inside information, but every one of his screenshots looks like he just bit into a rotten fart. He is either evil or has the first recorded instance of video game jerkface.

bravely default 2
Finally we have Nikolai Nikolanikofu. Despite this guy’s awesome name, I’m not sure how hard he read the musketeer handbook. Not only does he not have a musket or a rapier, his weapon of choice looks to be a staff which is decidedly un-musketeerlike. He is a pastor so his attire makes sense, and he will most likely take on the role of group healer if I had to guess.

bravely default 3
We also get a glimpse at some of the other characters in the game, including Amy Matchlock who is a tomahawk class, and Agnes, who can still communicate with you despite being captured and will provide hints on the lower screen. The screenshots all look excellent, but we will have to wait a while before we actually get our hands on the game. Bravely Second is currently slated for a Spring 2015 release in Japan.