Bungie: Destiny’s Ending is only the Beginning

Destiny launched about a week ago, and many players have already beaten what it has to offer. All the story missions completed, the Strike Missions all beaten, and the Level 20 cap hit have made Destiny seem like a very short game. However, that’s not how Executive Producer Patrick O’Kelley likes to look at things. In fact, he sees the game as a completely different experience once the level cap is hit.

“I think what players will find is that the game unfolds and transforms over time,” O’Kelley told Xbox Wire. “In the first hour, it might feel like a familiar shooter. Then, players will start to see other players in the world. They will undertake cooperative and competitive activities without really worrying about it. Or they might keep on a solo journey but partake in public events. Eventually, they’ll go to the Tower and learn some of the mechanics to improve their character. They’ll make decisions about character customization and ability customization.”

O’Kelley stresses that Destiny will be a continuously evolving experience. The team over at Bungie are fully dedicated to the project, and are hard at work incorporating new content into the game. Players can participate in different Featured Activities, earn bounties, and try out some Nightfall activities to earn some exotic gear. Of course there are also the two planned expansions that will significantly expand the world of Destiny.

“Twenty hours in, I think that players will find that they’ve evolved to playing a whole different kind of game than the shooter that started them off. They’ll find that they’re immersed in a different world, and are deep into the history of their characters. They’ll have built a community of other players. And, without realizing it, they’ll have learned some sophisticated mechanics that enable them to gear up and dive into a six-player cooperative raid, in pursuit of high-level exotic weapons and armor.”

You can pick up Destiny now on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360. Be sure to check out our review of the game.