DriveClub Only Requires 17GB of HDD Space

DriveClub is racing towards release, and new information regarding the PS4 exclusive is starting to come out. Last week, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky announced that the game had gone gold, and today has shared some more interesting details with us.

Speaking on Twitter, Rustchynsky revealed that the install size for DriveClub is relatively small compared to other PS4 releases:

Furthermore, he also revealed that you’ll only need to install about 3.5GB before you can start playing. The rest of the game will continue to install as you enjoy your game.

The October 7, 2014 release date can’t come soon enough for hungry PS4 racing fans. DriveClub was supposed to launch alongside the PS4 last fall, but Sony delayed it at the last moment. Evolution Studios have used the nearly year-long delay to significantly improve the game’s visuals, gameplay, and design. The game we’re getting next month is not the game we were supposed be getting last year.