Light in the Dark Splashes Some Fun In The App Store

What do you get when you combine talented and experienced developers that have worked on franchises such as Bishock, Fallout and X-Com?

I bet you didn’t guess a puzzle game about colorful baby totems bouncing and blending light in order to reunite with their parents. And that’s exactly what Dreamgate Studios’ Light in the Dark brings to the table: an intricate, addictive puzzle game that’ll both tug at the heart strings of your inner-caretaker and tickle your frustration glans.

Light in the Dark features 60 levels that range in difficulty (from as easy as swiping a finger to teething-on-concrete in steaming anger), adorable artwork that demands a “d’aww” every few stages, and the polish you’d expect from a triple A developer. Best of all: it’s available now on the App Store, Google Play and, surprisingly, the Windows App Market.

Check out the trailer: