Bloodborne Alpha Test Emails being sent

Emails for the Bloodborne Alpha test are being sent out to a lucky few. If you haven’t got an email and didn’t even know the alpha test was a thing you can still sign up here.

There isn’t any known criteria for being selected, however, there is speculation that those who have earned platinum trophies in the other Souls games (Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls I, II) are receiving invites. Below is a copy of the enrollment confirmation and that does not mean you’ve been selected.

Bloodborne is due to release February 5, 2015 exclusively on PS4.

Dear xxx,
Your skill and dedication have been recognized, you have been selected for a chance to join the exclusive Bloodborne Alpha Test!

Please note that completing this enrolment form does not guarantee a place on this Alpha Test.

Invitations are at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s (SCEE’s) discretion. Unless you are successful, we will not contact you regarding this Alpha Test. By completing this form you agree to the Public Beta Trial Agreement. Enrolment ends Tuesday 23rd September 11:59AM BST.

If you are successful we will email you with information on how to accessess PSN Beta. On PSN Beta you will be able to access Alpha Test information (including your voucher code). Keep an eye out for the official invitation e-mail so that you know when the action has commenced!

Thanks & good luck! – The PlayStation Beta Team.