Twin-Stick Shooter Iron Fisticle Arrives on Steam

Iron Fisticle makes an odd first impression with its name. Odd naming aside, it’s a new entry into the arcade style twin-stick shooter genre. That’s good fun and all, but what makes this any better or worse than the zillions of other games like it?

There are many similarities between arcade games of old and Iron Fisticle. There are tons of enemies, weapon pickups, bosses, and pixel art (with optional scanlines) to complete the image. On the more modern side of things you’ve got controller support, collectibles, 60 FPS, and persistent character upgrades that carry on throughout dungeon runs. However, multiplayer is strictly old school with local play only.

As this is a Steam release you can also expect Iron Fisticle to come with Steam achievements, leaderboards, and trading cards. From now until September 23, Iron Fisticle is available for $8.09. Afterwards it’ll have a regular price of $8.99.