30 Minutes of DriveClub Beta Footage Hits the Web

While it doesn’t appear to be as exciting as the soon-to-be released Forza Horizon 2DriveClub has a number of PlayStation 4 owners excited. From all of the ridiculous technology at play in Evolution Studios’ newest title to its potentially addictive social elements, DriveClub could potentially surprise us. Today, thirty minutes of DriveClub Beta footage was unofficially released, giving us an extended look at what this quasi-arcade racer will look like in action. Bear in mind that this was uploaded by a France-based user, so those not well-versed in French will have trouble understanding any of the text. Nonetheless, the gameplay is what’s important here:

DriveClub will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 on October 7th, and an extensive demo will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers on launch day at no cost.