D4 ‘Dark Dreams Don’t Die’ Priced, Dated for Xbox One

If there’s one thing certain about Swery’s upcoming Xbox One-exclusive Kinect-oriented game, D4 “Dark Dreams Don’t Die,” it’s that Microsoft is giving it little fanfare. The game has been seldom heard about other than its quick appearance during Microsoft’s E3 press conference in 2013 and it was relegated to literally the worst and most hidden area of Xbox’s E3 booth this year (we had to ask where it was to find it).

Now it’s been casually revealed at Tokyo Game Show that D4 will be released this Friday in Japan and North America. The game will be priced at $14.99.

Check out the launch trailer here, the achievements here and read our review of Swery’s last game here.

[UPDATE] D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is now available to download in North America. Priced at $14.99, purchasers will receive the Prologue, Episode 1 and Episode 2.