Fund The Noblest Of Quests On Indiegogo: Olde English Adventuring In Graal Seeker

The legend of the Holy Grail has been waiting for a makeover like this for centuries. Lyon, France-based indie developers Lugludum are giving the tale a cel-shaded facelift in their narrative adventure-RPG Graal Seeker.

Embark on a journey for the relic as either a Briton, Saxon or Pict, navigating across Britain’s treacherous landscapes in search of fame, fortune or faith. As one of 12 characters, each with their own fighting style and perks, players will be faced with hundreds of decisions – and gripping strategic combat with punishing permadeath.

Gameplay is split into three phases, repeated ad infinitum until the Grail is secured or an untimely end is met. The Exploration phase follows your character through an overworld, the Event phase is a choose-your-own-adventure-type dialogue interface where each choice is critical, and the Combat phase.

Combat is in real time, and players control a team of up to four seekers. Each has their own talents and abilities, and using them effectively will be critical to avoid dying in an untimely manner.

Graal Seeker is planned to be released in early 2015. With great cel-shaded graphics and an  interesting and unexplored premise, the game is a must for history buffs and adventure junkies alike. Early backers on the Indiegogo campaign will be able to secure alpha access and an awesome T-Shirt for €35, and more conservative individuals can secure release copies and Beta Access for €10 if they’re quick.