Microsoft Unveils Wired Xbox One Controller for PC

Enjoy playing games on PC, but really want to use the Xbox One controller? Well Microsoft has the solution for you. The company has unveiled a brand new wired controller for the PC, though you can also use it to game on an Xbox One.

As a wired controller, PC users can expect certain advantages over the traditional wireless Xbox One controller. For one, the connection between the PC and controller will be much better than a wireless connection, thus cutting down on input lag. Also, this controller will not need any batteries to function. The controller will cost $59.99, though no release date has been announced.

There is another solution for using an Xbox One controller on PC. Microsoft has already released the Windows drivers to make a traditional Xbox One controller work on a PC. All you need to do is plug a micro-USB cable into the controller and the PC and any controller compatible game will be playable on the Xbox One controller.