Bloodborne Gets Western Release Date and Reveals Collectors Edition

The much anticipated new action-based game from Sony’s Japan Studio and From Software, Bloodborne, has had a release date for Japan set for a while now as February 5, 2015.  Fortunately, those of us in the west will not have to wait too long after that to play, as the game is now slated for release in North America just one day later, on February 6, 2015.

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Alongside this announcement came the reveal of a Collector’s Edition, which includes a Steelbook game case, an art book showcasing the art of the game, and a digital soundtrack.  This edition is a bit on the side of lackluster as far as collector’s editions go, but as this is a new IP, it’s within the realm of understanding that one can’t expect giant figurines and maps and wearables and what not.  I’m looking at you, The Order: 1886 (which incidentally comes out just a few weeks later on February 20, 2015).

Also, fresh from TGS here’s a brand new trailer for the game, so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.  The game definitely has a Dark Souls vibe coming from it, but set in Jack The Ripper-era England (minus, you know, the demonic monsters and other creatures that probably didn’t exist in actual England at the time) and you’ve got a very interesting looking game.