Llamasoft to take TxK into VR and 3D

It’s no secret that Llamsoft is big into VR.  Jeff Minter’s Twitter feed is filled with notes on Oculus Rift excursions into Elite Dangerous, and Minotaur Rescue VR is a fun experiment notable for being a nausea-free arcade game using a non-FPS viewpoint, which is trickier than it sounds.  That’s all just practice for future projects, however, and the big announcement on the Llamasoft forums is that TxK will get full support for Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift on PS4 and PC, respectively, plus bonus 3D tv/monitor support as well.

While TxK doesn’t seem like an immediate fit for VR, it’s apparently highly effective.  The presentation required serious adjustments, due to enemies “looking strange origami pieces”, while other parts of the level ended up to close to one’s face or too far away, but a whole lot of tweaking and experimentation is ironing out the rough parts.  The results sound fascinating and a lot of fun, but unfortunately there’s no way to go hands-on with the VR enhancements aside from visiting Manchester in the UK for the Play Expo this October 11/12, where Llamasoft will be showing off their upcoming offerings.  Sadly, a trans-Atlantic flight simply isn’t a possibility at the moment.

While the VR is lovely, TxK will be perfectly playable on regular tvs and monitors same as Minotaur Rescue VR.  MRVR, in the meantime, has gotten a few upgrades and is going to be released for the Samsung Gear VR, although it doesn’t seem likely that the revised and expanded version will remain freeware.  On the plus side, it does look pleasantly mad, so it’s a fair trade-off.