Phoenix Dawn Still Waiting for That Magic Moment on Kickstarter

It’s no surprise that there are so many RPG projects on Kickstarter. After all, many of us grew up discovering games thanks to the wonderful CPRGs, WRPGs, and JRPGs produced. Phoenix Dawn is a game currently in development from a longtime fan of the genre who now believes he can bring his own spin to things – and that others will support this endeavor via Kickstarter.

In Phoenix Dawn you play as a young witch who has been ushered into leaving home. As per conventions, this journey will change her life and also help her grow as a witch. This witch aspect means players will have access to a growing assortment of magical spells. Each spell can even be combined with each other to create new mashups. Visually, Apixel are not chasing after the whole SNES/Genesis aesthetic that most other indies do. They’ve chosen a low poly art style that looks surprisingly polished already.

The Phoenix Dawn Kickstarter campaign launched near the end of August and is currently still trucking along. With 10 days left a surge of pledges will be needed to reach the $33,000 goal. This is a bit surprising considering you can nab a copy of Phoenix Dawn from the $10 tier. Usually campaigns only offer their game at the $15 level.