Cloud Chamber Gets Big Update and 50% Off Sale

We enjoyed Cloud Chamber last month, giving it a coveted 4 out of 5 rating. Today, the game got a big gameplay update that fixed a ton of bugs, added Steam avatars, and makes it easier to unlock restricted nodes. As a thank-you to owners of their past work, Mode 7 is giving anyone who owns Frozen Synapse or has bought Frozen Cortex in Early Access a 50% coupon for Cloud Chamber. This deal takes the game’s price down to just $10, and this offer is available until October 9.

Check out the full change-log below:

– Easier to unlock restricted nodes. Comments on a post now also unlock restricted nodes in that level, just as likes do.
– Fixed bug when scrolling in feed or forum. Feed and forum should no longer freeze up while attempting to load more content and should load smoother.
– A number of changes to communication between game and server to reduce risk of disconnections. Improved error messages to help troubleshoot connection issues.
– Fixed bug. Downvotes now no longer help unlock restricted nodes or win “best” badges
– Fixed a few bugs and styling issues in message function.
– Fixed a few bugs in the “Flag” function.
– Fixed bug. Deeplinks in “Top Contributors” should now work.
– Fixed path between the nodes “missing worlds” and “It’s a big universe”in part 5 (used to send players on a detour)
– Added STEAM avatars. Players can choose Steam avatar as profile image
– Fixed bug. Clicking tagged usernames in the forums now opens the correct window.
– Additional minor changes to leaderboard, spelling in some nodes etc.