Creeper Alert: Family Guy Developer Collecting Children’s Info, Fined $300K

Spying on adults is one thing, but toss children into the mix and that treehouse, binoculars and baby powder dusted socks become a whole mess creepier.

And according to recent Federal Trade Commission charges brought against TinyCo., the Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff developer has been gathering personal information from children across multiple games. In a public statement, the company assented to a $300k settlement for violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Additionally, they’ve agreed to delete all information acquired from children 13 years or younger.

Jessica Rich, FTC Bureau of Consumer protector stated, “companies should take steps as they build and test their apps to make sure that children’s information won’t be collected without a parent’s consent.” In response to the events, TinyCo. issued an apology via The Guardian, “we apologize to anyone affected by this issue, and want to be unequivocal in stating that TinyCo is fully committed to protecting user privacy, particularly when children are involved.”