Some Interesting Destiny Statistics Released By Bungie

The hype surrounding Destiny was thick enough to slice with plastic cutlery. Gamer’s the world over were preparing for something huge; something incredible, something unlike anything ever released on console. Then, the alpha and beta previews poured through the web like an arachnophobic gardener. Bungie’s first project since Halo was supposed to be the product of gods; a world shattering masterwork in interactive entertainment. Instead, it’s just a good game.

Destiny, like many other games subjected to pre-release hype, is an experience that’s lesser than the sum of its parts. That, however, hasn’t stopped the masses from buying, playing and enjoying it for embarrassingly long hours. And the recent statistics from Bungie are proof.

  • 100 Million Hours Played – Enough to watch the entirety of The Lord of the Rings trilogy 8,797,653 times.
  • 137 Million Activities Played – The equivalent of 535,156 regular seasons of the NFL.
  • The Average Gameplay Session lasts about 3 hours on weekdays, 4 hours on weekends.
  • 1 Billion Players “Served” in the Crucible (player deaths).

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