Book of Heroes Player Reaches Epic Milestone

Book of Heroes, released a few years ago, is a mobile game developed by Venan Entertainment. In the game, the village of Glenfort (as well as surrounding land) is plagued by an evil force, and a hero must lead the charge to vanquish it. The game features some predominantly RPG/MMO elements, including quests, guild raids, a PvP arena and tons of customization. On the surface, it’s a card game with a multitude of achievements to earn, one of which has only recently been conquered.

Book of Heroes player ‘CrzyHopper’ has accomplished the unthinkable in becoming the first hero to defeat one million monsters. It’s a feat rarely obtainable in games like World of Warcraft; games that are immensely popular and boast a wide player base. CrzyHopper, a true hardcore legend, is receiving his honors from Venan in the form of an achievement. The “Million Monster Massacre” will now be referred to as “The Crazy Hopper.”

In the unlikely event that someone else reach such a milestone, CrzyHopper’s name will forever be engraved in their virtual achievements list. If you ask me, it’s a tale fit for ancient mythology. Keep up the great work heroes.

book of heroes