Farming Simulator 15 Launches In October, Introduces Logging

I’m genuinely confounded by how popular Farming Simulator has become. I mean, it shouldn’t be this popular, right? It’s a farming simulator for crying out loud; who are all these people fantasizing about the farm life?

I can just picture it: a bunch of 10 year old kids sitting in a circle, chatting about the future. One kid says, “I want to be a fireman so that I can save lives.” Another interjects, “no, cops are way cooler, they get to shoot bad guys.” Suddenly, a burly chubster arises from his pretzel position and belts with the force of a hundred timbers, “I want to be a farmer!” The group responds with a chuckle, firmly convinced he’d made a joke of some sort. But he continues, “there’s nothing funny about agriculture you guys, and it saves many more lives than firemen and police officers combined. Genetic modification has made impressive strides in the development of fibers and food for billions of people worldwide, helping them sustain life in otherwise tough environments.”

Yeah, that’s probably how it would go down. Regardless, Giants Software has found a niche and, tiny as it may be, they’re constantly delivering the goods. And the latest iteration of the unusually popular game, Farming Simulator 15, returns with all the expected tilling, crop-growing, and animal raising you’d expect from, well, a farming simulator. It’s additions, however, are what make it shine like a freshly polished apple.

On top of the slew of new vehicles, tools, the gorgeous Nordic environment, 16 player online mode and the nifty graphics engine, logging has been introduced. Now, players can go toe-to-toe with The Nature Conservancy by murdering innocent trees for profit. Forests can be chopped, chipped and distributed as part of your regular farming activities, adding what I suspect is another layer of desirability for the title.

Farming Simulator launches October 30, so farming enthusiasts should be out-standing in their field in no time. Hardy har har.