New Oculus Rift ‘Crescent Bay’ Announced And Detailed

Virtual Reality has always been one of those trends that pops-up every so often before fading into obscurity for a handful of years. And despite some stints of popularity in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s, no device has managed to captivate a wide enough audience to justify any market relevancy. That is until Oculus VR, the now Facebook owned company, introduced their Oculus Rift headset, along with a passion for the field that doesn’t seem to be dwindling.

The company’s latest prototype headset, ‘Crescent Bay,’ features “new display technology, 360° head tracking, expanded positional tracking volume, dramatically improved weight and ergonomics, and high-quality integrated audio.” The previous iteration (DK2), while impressive, isn’t capable of achieving such a “level of presence.”

There’s a demo of the experience available at Oculus Connect, and it includes original content developed alongside the new hardware. According to the company’s latest blog post, Crescent Bay is “the best virtual reality headset [they’ve] ever built.”

Are you as excited as we are? Let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, check out some images of the new design.