Three Minute Toxikk Trailer Released, Looks Incredibly Hardcore

When developer Reakktor Studios said Toxikk “plays as if today’s military shooters never existed,” they weren’t kidding — this is most definitely not a Call of Duty clone. The absurdly hardcore arena-shooter looks to satisfy the bad-to-the-bonest desires of gamer’s tired of the quickscoping, bunny hopping, stab-happy FPS’s on the market.

Don’t expect any leveling, classes, perks, skills, regenerating health, a cover system, iron sights or loadouts. Instead, you get double and dodge jumps, booster pick-ups and nine weapons you can carry at once. It’s without a doubt a throwback experience through and through, and it includes various map sizes that range from fast-paced slices of earth (8 players), to large-scale strategy-demanding landscapes (16 players).

There’s a closed beta on the way (Steam), and the game is currently being funded by way of pre-orders. So if you’re interested — and why the hell wouldn’t you be? — make sure to let it be known. In the meantime, enjoy the three minute trailer and watch in awe as bullets, dignity and friendships fly out the window like contraband at a sobriety checkpoint.