Goat Simulator Not Doing Baaahd On iOS, Android

It’s amazing that Goat Simulator even exists. It’s a game in which you control a destructive goat in a theme-park style sandbox of violent explosions and bizarre occurrences. Game breaking bugs, errors and mechanical faults are an integral part of the experience, and the only goal is to conquer ever-higher scores.

The fact that it sold like canvas shoes in Portland is nothing short of astounding, and while its stint of popularity on PC may have come to an end, its performance on mobile devices is just as impressive.

After less than a week on the marketplace, Goat Simulator has surpassed 100,000 sales across iOS and Android. And for goats sake, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. With an affordable price-tag of $4.99, players get much of the same chaotic experience offered on PC — unsquashed bugs and all — in the palm of their hands. Like a lesser known branch of the Olympics, it’s truly something special.