NBA 2K15 is Making Exciting Tweaks to MyCareer Mode

Anyone who has played a recent NBA 2K game knows that MyCareer mode is arguably the best single-player mode in any sports game to date. Playing only as one’s created player not only causes the player to become more emotionally invested in each game, but it changes how every possession is played, as well. On defense, instead of constantly switching to the opponent in possession of the ball, players have to understand how to guard off the ball. On offense, getting open is just as important as hitting a shot. MyCareer is where the NBA 2K series shines brightest in terms of being an accurate simulation, as players get the chance to execute realistic pick-and-pops or in-context weak-side blocks. Today, we learned about how NBA 2K15‘s version of MyCareer will differ from that of past iterations.

The end of this video provides some exciting insight into what players can expect when they boot up MyCareer for the first time. Gone are the days where the ridiculous Rookie Showcase, a game that literally doesn’t exist, determines a player’s draft position. Instead, players go completely undrafted, allowing them to essentially choose their own destination at a later date. Though this means that one’s rookie season doesn’t start until January, midway through the NBA season, it eliminates the most frustrating problem in past MyCareer modes. Generally, players will be drafted by a team that they don’t really want to spend countless hours playing for, though in fairness, I did love the hilarity of creating Andrew Wiggins in NBA 2K14 and having him play on the Timberwolves (since I’m a psychic, does anyone want next week’s lottery numbers?). MyCareer players will have to earn their way into the NBA by playing for 10-day contracts, much like real NBA outcasts do.

These changes should cause players to become more emotionally attached to their respective players’ narrative arcs, as well as prevent anyone from ever becoming a member of the horrifying Philadelphia 76ers.