Hard-to-Find Dragon Quest V DS Gets Reprint

If there’s one series and one console that games still go out of print on, it’s Dragon Quest and Nintendo. Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride was released on the Nintendo DS back in early 2009 and has indeed since gone out of print. A pity as it’s one of the best entries in the series and inspired Dragon Quest Monsters. Since becoming scarce, complete copies have routinely fetched over $50 on the secondary market. GameStop, as they’ve infrequently been stealthily doing the past few years, however, has just released a reprint of the game.

Sold as “pre-owned,” the game is likely new and is priced at a reasonable $24.99 (or $22.49 for PowerUp Rewards members). It is worth noting that these reprints can sometimes come without cases and manuals, however, so competitions should tread carefully. For those who want to purely experience the game, it’s a great deal no matter how it arrives — carts sell for over $35 alone.

Head over here to pick it up.