Rising Star Games Unveils New Trailers for Kromaia, TRI and Tulpa

Rising Star Games is currently in the midst of their 10th anniversary and celebrating with what seems to be a new direction for the publisher. Earlier this year, the company announced a trio of indie games — Kromaia, TRI, and Tupla — for Fall 2014. Now, they’ve provided brand new trailers to tease curious players.

Kromaia is a 3D shoot ’em up with understated visuals and a techno soundtrack. It looks to have hints of REZs’ style, which should appeal to shooter fans tremendously. Steam users will be able to check out Kromaia on October 23.

Tri, on the other hand, is a first person puzzler with some interesting twists. In it, you can create new platforms which allow for reaching new areas and even climbing on walls or ceilings. Tri launches on October 9 via Steam.

Last but not least is Tupla, an atmospheric 2D point and click adventure. It has no release date at the moment and, in fact, still requires passing through Steam Greenight. Here’s Tulpa’s Greenlight page if you wish to upvote it.