Latest KamiKuro Screenshots Are Charming

Nippon Ichi’s bent on not only keeping the PlayStation 3 alive, but ensuring it’ll forever be known as the go-to platform for wacky JRPG goodness. And the latest batch of KamiKuro screenshots are sugary proof.

KamiKuro, or ‘Awakened Fate Ultimatum’ as it’s known this side of the pond, is an RPG/Rogue-like hybrid that’s as tough as it is beautiful. Boasting the company’s classic quirkiness, lengthy cut-scenes, addictive combat and plenty dangerous dungeons to explore, there’s another reason to hold onto Sony’s last-gen console.

The game launches September 25 in Japan. Sadly, North American and European fans will have to wait until sometime in 2015. In the meantime, check out the screenshots below and marvel at the bright colors and well endowed, scantily clad lady.