Shin’en Games Show Off More FAST Racing Neo, Talk about Details

Shin’en Games are best known for their work on Nintendo-centric titles such as Naostray, Nano Assault Neo and Jett Rocket. And while they recently released The Art of Balance on the Wii U eShop, most of us are just waiting for their follow-up to 2011’s FAST Racing League. The sequel to that WiiWare title, FAST Racing Neo, has been known to be in the works for several months now, however, the studio has been tight-lipped about details. Not too long ago they released the game’s first screenshot, but then went quiet. Today, though, they gave us two more tantalizing screens of the upcoming Wii U racer.

Aside from that, they also opened up about what players can expect from Neo. In an interview with Nintendon, they said the following:

First of all we analyzed what people liked and disliked in the original Wii game. For instance, most people enjoyed the unique phase switching gameplay, because it’s something you have in no other racing game.

So we build on that but tried to make it more streamlined and more fun to use. Something most people disliked was the brutal difficulty in higher leagues, because the Ai was simply too perfect. We made sure that the Ai behaves more ‘human’ this time.

That should be just enough to satiate folks until Shin’en releases the next batch of screens/info on the game, which will reportedly be soon. What we’re waiting for, however, is some footage of the gameplay. According to their Twitter, the game will run at a silky smooth 60 FPS; and judging from the screens below, we can only imagine how gorgeous that’s going to be. Impressive that such a small team — with only one person dedicated to taking care of all the game’s graphics — can churn out such an impressive-looking title. Who said Wii U games couldn’t look “next-gen”?