Angry Birds Reinvents Itself in Transformers Gameplay Trailer

Angry Birds, the game that has remained relevant through re-skinned characters and playing on people’s nostalgia, has once again struck an odd combination with its latest franchise adaptation. This time, however, the fine folks at Rovio have reinvented the game entirely.

The once simple grab-and-pull game has now turned into… a side scrolling shooter in which you’re a transformer. The trailer shows the player shooting basically everything in the background, periodically transforming into the automobile version to avoid the various falling obstacles, and having what appears to be a blast.

“Autobirds” and “Deceptibirds” will be the primary focus of the story (and gameplay), and from the looks of things the iconic Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will be making appearances in the game, too. Angry Birds: Transfomers will be available for download October 15 for iOS and October 30 for Android.

Check out the trailer below. This is not the Angry Birds you used to know.