Bloodborne Alpha for Japan Detailed

Sony has released some details pertaining to the Bloodborne Alpha testing in Japan.

The Alpha, for now, will be testing server load and online multiplayer only. The same map from the TGS demo will be used, and the company will be testing several multiplayer functionalities (such as leaving messages for others and basic co-op play). According to the company, everything else will be announced at a later date.

Interested participators must have PS+ and be based in Japan. If you meet the criteria, you can download a raffle ticket from the Japan PlayStation Store. There hasn’t been any official word on how many folks will be allowed to join the alpha fun, but judging from the various sites offering spots there seems to be plenty of room. Raffle winners will be notified Tuesday, September 30 and sign-ups began September 24.

The Alpha has been separated into three phases while the game is updated.

  • Phase 1 : Wednesday, October 1 from noon to 3.
  • Phase 2: Friday, October 3 from noon to 3.
  • Phase 3: Sunday, October 5 from noon to 3. Phase 3 will also be a combination of activities from the previous two phases.

It’s a safe bet that North America will be getting something like this sooner or later, though alpha sign-ups have already began. You can view the official Sony post here.