Bungie Removes Queen’s Wrath Rewards and Loot Cave in Destiny Patch

If you’ve still been playing Destiny, you may have noticed a new set of bounties at the bounty board the other day. These are tied to a two-week long event in which the Queen of the Reef is rewarding players for their hard fought battles. By doing these bounties, players will receive tokens that can be redeemed for legendary items at the end of Queen specific Kill Orders.

Unfortunately, those who complete the very challenging Kill Orders will be given fewer rewards. Originally, players would receive a legendary piece of armor, more than often a helmet or a chest piece, and while that’s still the case, dismantling them will no longer give any advanced upgrade materials. This was one of the big reasons a lot of players trudged through the challenging set of quests as, even if they received a duplicate, which happens far more than it should, dismantling them was more than worth it.

In addition, the treasure cave that you may have seen as a good looting ground in Skywatch has been patched so the enemies will no longer spawn after six seconds, but 40 seconds. The respawn timers have also been upped to 40 seconds in Forgotten Shore, Ember Caves, the Shattered Coast and the Barrens.