Driving School Simulator Promises All the Fun of Learning How to Drive

The simulation genre is absolutely bursting with games on Steam. From the adrenaline-pumping Woodcutter Simulator 2013 to the ridiculous Goat Simulator, there’s little gamer’s can’t simulate these days. Well, another simulator just launched on Steam today which might give the likes of “Warehouse and Logistics Simulator” a run for its money: Driving School Simulator.

Driving School Simulator is about the wonderful experience of taking driving lessons to prepare for your license. Unlike traditional lessons, you’ll not only be able to drive cars but also buses and trucks. The goal seems to be learning how to drive through busy streets, treacherous mountain roads and open freeways. Along the way you’re also supposed to obey “international traffic laws” (whatever those are) or just go full GTA-style in Free Ride Mode.

Apparently there’s an audience for incredibly specific simulations, as these games continue to roll out. Driving School Simulator ordinarily runs $14.99, but in celebration of its launch on Steam you can enjoy it for the paltry sum of $11.99 instead.