Omega Quintet Receives Adorable New Trailer

Compile Heart’s latest almost-too-adorable-for-words RPG is shaping up nicely. Each new video released showcases additional tidbits of gameplay, story, cutesy weirdness and a potential for borderline illegal preteen-fanservice.

In Omega Quintet, you play as the “Verse Maidens” which are a pop idol group that fights monsters with the power of song because why the hell not. When you’re not exploring the colorful world and having the girls’ clothing torn off in battle (yes, that’s an advertised feature), the popstars can be filmed singing and dancing — a feature that also allows players to participate using the PlayStation 4 camera and DualShock 4 lightbar.

Watch the trailer below and remember to exclaim your “awww’s” and “oooh’s” loudly enough for your neighbors to hear.