Otome Visual Novel ‘Pyrite Heart’ Lands on Steam

Visual novel fans should be well acquainted with publisher Sekai Project by now. The group has regularly brought a variety of visual novels to Steam. So far, though, most have appealed primarily to male players. That may be changing now thanks to the launch of Pyrite Heart.

Pyrite Heart is an otome game with a unique storyline focused on a princess named Ahri. One day, she is challenged by her brother when he proclaims that she couldn’t live without her pampered palace lifestyle. As Ahri isn’t one to back down, she quickly enrolls in the local school to prove her brother wrong. Once at school, she and the handsome student-body president become rivals.

If you’d like to see who wins in this battle of wits, then it’d be best to pick up Pyrite Hearts during launch week. Right now the game is discounted to $4.49 until October 2.