Steam Music Player Debuts and Brings Deals in Tow

Earlier today, the Steam blog announced that the Steam Music Player is now available in beta form. Much like picking a custom soundtrack, all you need to do is browse a folder to create playlists and queue up songs. You can turn this feature into a defacto custom soundtrack, too — so if you recently bought Crazy Taxi and are having a hard time enjoying it without The Offspring blaring in the background, make your unconventional dreams a reality.

Valve is celebrating this by knocking 75% off of the Half-Life and Portal series’, and making their official soundtracks available for free to those who own the base titles. The Free to Play documentary also gets a free soundtrack.

The sale is a nice way to entice people to get some of Valve’s games at a steep discount, but the real news here is that Steam has taken one more step towards becoming an all-in-one service — the timing of which makes sense considering the Steam machines launching in 2015. By releasing the beta now, there’s time to iron out some kinks before these devices become available and can truly become set-top boxes for an all-digital household.