Co-Op Beat ‘Em Up Viking Squad Coming To PlayStation 4

Over at the PlayStation Blog today, Slick Entertainment announced a brand new four player co-op beat ’em up called Viking Squad. You play as an, uh, viking squad (how appropriate) and beat up screenfuls of enemies to get some of that sweet, sweet treasure. The accompanying launch trailer shows off a bit of gameplay, and the game looks beautiful — it’s very reminiscent of Castle Crashers.

Each of the four vikings has their own moveset and strengths, and each character can equip their own gear and even level up during the course of the adventure. A clever twist is the game’s attempt to meld the beat ’em up genre with the rouge-lite genre, as each quest will progress until you decide you’ve had enough and return back to base with your loot in tow. Supposedly, each trip will have different locations and items, adding a little extra depth to the game.

The game is currently slated for a PS4 and PC/Mac release sometime in 2015. When the question of whether or not the game would be getting a Vita release was brought up in the comments of the blog post, the senior designer at Slick Entertainment commented that:

“We are coming to PS4 first. But we are all fans of the Vita so it’s definitely on our radar!”

For now, check out the trailer below to satisfy all your pillaging need.