New Alien: Isolation Trailer Showcases Dynamic Monster Drool

Okay, maybe the newest trailer for SEGA’s highly anticipated horror title is more about its insane level of terror, but that’s not what’s most impressive here. We’re in the business of bringing you new information, and from what we can tell, the saliva-tech in Alien: Isolation is top-notch. The freshly released “It’s Hunting Me” trailer showcases some of the most impressive in-engine drool physics seen to date, likely giving dentists everywhere the chills. This is what’s truly important here people.  

It’s important to note how dynamically the atmospheric lighting of the Sevastopol space station reflects off of each droplet of saliva. What’s more impressive is that, because of the Alien’s two mouths, we could witness the first in-game occurrence of Droolception (drool inside of drool). Jump scares and the anticipation of terrible things to come might make Alien: Isolation intense, but the developers’ unique take on salivation should be lauded by the masses.