Persona 4 Arena Ultimax DLC Pricing and Margaret Revealed

In case our review didn’t tip you off, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will be well-worth buying, and surely anybody who would plop down $60 for a game would also buy the ensuing DLC. As such, Atlus has today revealed the pricing for all of the known P4AU DLC:

Complete P4A Story — $9.99
Glasses Packs — $1.99 each, or $5.99 full set
Additional Colors — $1.99 each, or $5.99 full set
Navigator Voices — $2.99 each, various set prices. Yosuke, Teddie, Aigis, Nanako, Mitsuru, Adachi, and Fuuka will be available Sept. 30, rest of the cast available on Oct. 7.

Additionally, Margaret —  the Sadistic Stud-Keeping Secretary of the Velvet Room — was shown off today in a new video, seen below. Margaret is paid DLC and will be released on October 7, the same day that Marie and Adachi revert from free to paid DLC. All three characters will be priced at $4.99.