PlayStation Home goes Dark in 2015

Sony has announced that their long-running PlayStation Home service will be shutting down..

PlayStation Home launched on PS3 in 2008 with the intention of being a service for you to hop on, meet with friends, and then jump into a game together. The finished product was a far cry from what Sony promised. Long load times, a lack of customization options and a strong feeling of disconnect between the rest of PS3’s features were a few of the problems many had with PlayStation Home.

Sony has made great strides to improve the experience, but with Home skipping the PS Vita and PS4 we all knew it was only a matter of time before Sony pulled the plug.

Sony will cease publishing new content on the platform on November 12, 2014, though you’ll still be able to download content until December 3, 2014. The plug will be pulled officially on March 31, 2015. If you’ve wanted to experience PlayStation Home, we suggest you do so as soon as possible.