The Ridiculous Woah Dave! is Coming Soon to PS4 and Vita

While all of the newfangled doodads and technology in modern games are exciting, it’s always great to see titles that bring us back to gaming’s arcade roots. Woah Dave!, one of the first games released out of the new MiniVisions sector of Choice Provisions, looks to bring new-school sensibilities to a title that is very clearly a throwback. Choice Provisions, in tandem with Sony, released a hysterical Let’s Play style trailer to demonstrate exactly what Woah Dave! looks like in action:

In this single-screen platformer, players take the role of an egg-like pixel thingamabob whose only means of offense and defense comes through throwing various objects around the screen. Some of these objects, like constantly-appearing eggs, hatch into more monsters that need to be quelled as quickly as possible. Interestingly, Woah Dave!‘s score is counted in pennies, meaning that players will have an easy time remembering the exact number they need to beat each round. One only has to watch a few seconds of game footage to see just how chaotic this old-school score-chaser has the potential to be.

While an exact release date has yet to be announced, we should see Woah Dave! hit the PlayStation 4 and Vita storefronts in the coming weeks. The PlayStation 4 iteration will support local multiplayer, while the Vita version will be very much a single-player affair. Since we don’t have an exact release date other than “soon,” one has to wonder whether or not Woah Dave! will be one of October’s PlayStation Plus titles (possibly alongside Secret Ponchos if the top-down shooter comes out next month).