Adventures of Pip Funded, Six Days Left In Kickstarter

Gamers, rejoice! TicToc Games… breathe a sigh of relief! Adventures of Pip, TicToc’s original and extremely good-looking pixel-platformer reached its $40,000 funding goal after an initially unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign this year.

We loved it at Pax Prime, and it seems like it was able to get the traction it needed to secure its place in the hearts and minds of over 1500 backers. Soon, players will be able to enjoy Pip on PC, Mac, and the Wii U in his one-pixel, 8-bit and 16-bit forms as he hacks and slashes his way across the lands.

For latecomers, the Kickstarter doesn’t close until October 4. Stay tuned for Hardcore Gamer’s preview.